Digital Library

The Library uses Digital Library software package for managing the Full Text/Dissertations. The uploading of thesis and dissertations is a continuous process. All the projects/thesis are mantained in the Digital Library Software (DSpace) access to which is available in campus network as well as on internet.

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With the advent of information technology revolution the role of information systems and the libraries is undergoing a rapid change and it is important for us to understand and exploit as to how best we can assimilate the impact on information technology for the development of modern techniques driven information systems. Along with the automation of library services, we have moved one step forward for the digitalization of library resources . to provide the services of virtual library and knowledge centre parallel with the traditional library.


To make the Delhi technological university library a 21st century knowledge centre to facilitate the transition of today s’ engineering society to a knowledge base society of tomorrow , if it is necessary that the knowledge generated by the faculty and students of DTU is digitalized and made accessible through intranet and internet . all HOD s’ and faculty members and students are requested to contribute to achieve the mission . Webpage for library have been designed and access for the information is being provided through internet & intranet. The webpage is always open for changes and will be shaped according to the requirements of the users.