Information For Part-time B.Tech Students

1) A student can borrow 5 books at a time for the whole academic year from part-time library. All the books shall have to be returned for availing the facility in the next year. A fine of Rs.1/- per day per book shall be charged, if books are not returned on or before the date announced by the library.

2) Librarian can wave of the fine in case of delay caused due to unavoidable circumstances .In a case a student is to be found habitual defaulter his/her library membership may be cancelled.

3) A student has to apply for “NO DUES’ certificate before leaving the institution .No dues certificate will be issued only after clearance of all the library dues.

4) Librarian reserves the right to recall any book at any time.

5) If the library books are mutilated /lost. The cost of the books + late fine +binding charges etc. if any , has to be paid. If books are available in the market then it has to be replaced by latest edition/reprint.

6) Students are expected to read the notice issued by the library from time to time, ignorance will be no excuse.

7) Students on leave must make arrangements for the return of books in time.

8) Students must carry their identity card with them whenever they enter the library failing which, entry shall not be allowed and can be permitted only by the librarian on specific written request.

9) Any misuse of the library facilities will be considered as a serious breach of discipline and the ibrarian/library Advisory Committee can take necessary action upto the extent of canceling membership.

10) Loss of library card(s) should be immediately reported to the Librarian, a duplicate card may be obtained after submission of original copy of FIR and on payment of Rs.20/- .A prescribed application for issue of a duplicate card is available on the issue counter.