Information For UG Students

1) Books will be issued to the students for a period of 15 days. Which can be reissued for another 15 days if not in demand. If a book is not returned a fine of Rs.1/- per day shall be charged. Students on leave must make arrangement for return of books in time.

2) Librarian can wave off the fine in case of delay caused due to unavoidable circumstances. But in case a student is found to be habitual defaulter his/her library membership may be cancelled.

3) The entitlement for borrowing the books is as under:-


4) A Student has to apply for “NO DUES” certificate before leaving the institution which will be issued only after clearance of all dues of library.

5) Students are expected to read the notice issued by the library from time to time, ignorance will be no excuse.

6) Librarian reserves right to recall a book at any time.

7) If a book is mutilated or lost by the students , the cost of the book+ late fine +binding charge etc. if any , has to be paid. If book is available in the market then it has to be replaced by latest edition/reprint.

8) Loss of library card(s) should be immediately reported to the Librarian, a duplicate card may be obtained after submission of original copy of FIR and on payment of Rs.20/- .A prescribed application for issue of a duplicate card is available on the issue counter.

9) Book-Bank facility will be available to B.E. Students only,3 books for general students will be issued for full semester ,where as the books for SC/ST students shall be issued as per the guidelines issued from time to time by directorate for welfare of SC/ST Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi . If books are not returned within the date announced by the Library at the end of semester ,a fine of Rs.1 /- per book per day shall be charged.

10) Students must carry their identity card with them whenever they enter the library, failing which, entry shall not be allowed and can only be permitted by the librarian on specific written request.

Reserving Books and Journals

The Reservation Service allows you to reserve books and journals which are on order, being processed by the Library ('in process') or on loan to another reader.

You may have a maximum of 6 outstanding reservations for books, journals or any other item at any one time.

Making a reservation

You can place a reservation either by Filling in a reservation card at the Issue or Information Support Desk Using the request option on the on-line catalogue. If you fill in a reservation card the item will normally be recalled for you If you request an item on the on-line catalogue this will reserve for you whichever copy is returned to the Library first. The item will not be recalled from the reader who currently has it on loan and you will have to pick it up from the library to which it was returned.

Collecting your reserved item

We will not send you a notice when the book is ready to collect from the Issue Desk. You are given one day to collect the book before it is put back on the shelves or passed on to the next person who wants it. If there are several people waiting for one copy of a book it will only be issued to you for seven days and you will not be able to renew it.

Missing Books and Journals

The Missing Items search service is for books, journals or other items which are not on loan but are missing from the shelves.

If the item which you require is marked as 'not on loan' in the catalogue but is not on the shelves you can fill in a missing item card at the Issue or Information Support Desk.

What will happen to your search request?

When you have handed in your missing item card, Library staff will carry out a search for you. If we cannot find the book after several searches we will let you know. It will then be marked as 'missing' on the catalogue and passed to the staff in Academic Liaison for re-ordering. If you wish to obtain a copy through Inter-Library Loan please ask at the Information Support Desk.