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The Library uses KOHA software package which is an integrated multi-user library management system that supports all in-house operations of the Library. The KOHA consists of modules on acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, serials, article indexing and OPAC. Retrospective conversion of bibliographic records has been completed and 1,30,000 bibliographic records of books available in the Library, can now be accessed through the Koha OPAC. The database of books available in the Library is being updated on day to day basis with details of recently acquired books. Records of all the Library patrons have also been created in the Koha package. The editing and updating activities are in progress.

The KOHA package has been successfully implemented for the circulation activities, initially for faculty and staff. All faculty and staff members are being migrated to the new computerized circulation system. The package has also been implemented for Acquisition and Cataloguing activities. The data entry work for Serials System is in progress.

The Library is implementing bar-code based computerized circulation system in a number of phases. In the first phase of activity, faculty and staff members are being migrated to the the bar code based computerized circulation system.

Faculty and staff members can get their bar-coded patron card issued after returning all their Library tickets. Please contact Shri J.P. Srivastava, Head, Readers Services or Mrs. Savita Verma, Sr. Professional Asstt. (SG) for getting the bar coded card. Once you have your bar-coded patron card, you would be issued books through this card.

Faculty and staff members who have not availed this facility so far, are requested to kindly fill-in the form for making bar-coded Library patron card. These forms are available with Head, Readers Services or from Computer Applications Divsion.

The bar-code based circulation system for students and research scholars would be implemented in the next phase of activity. The dates of implementation would be announced shortly.

The Library requests faculty and staff members to be patient and cooperative in the initial phases of implementation of computerization. We may encounter several problems in the process of implementation which may, in turn, effect some of the functions of the Library. The faculty and staff members are requested to kindly bring such problems to the notice of the Library.
The Library is a part of the fibre optic-based campus-LAN. It has 22 Information Outlets (IOs) which link a computing node to the Campus LAN and to the Internet. The Library has its own sub-LAN consisting of 20 terminals, two terminal controllers and two servers to support Koha OPAC services and other in-house computerization activities within the Library. The Library has 20 Pentium machines including 8 exclusively earmarked for the users for CD-ROM and Internet searches. All 20 terminals, 20 Pentium machines and three servers available in the Library are connected to the Campus LAN. The terminals in the Library can also be used for Internet access in textual mode using Lynx browser:

Optical fibre-base campus LAN connected to 2 Mbps VSNL radio link for faster access to the Internet through VSNL gateway.

The Education & Research in Computer Network (ERNET), a project initiated by the Deptt. of Electronics during the seventh plan period (1985-90) with grant-in-aid from the UNDP. The IIT Delhi was one of the first eight beneficiaries of the ERNET project. The ERNET, in turn, has connectivity to 120 networks through gateway at the National Centre for Software Technology (NCST), Bombay in other countries all over the world including Internet, UUNET, CSNET, BITNET, etc.

The Delhi Library Network (DELNET) initiatives. DELNET's Activities and services can be viewed at DELNET's Home Page. The DELNET's databases can be accessed through a telnet link application software at IP address Login and Password for the IIT Delhi is "iit" and "arora" respectively.

The library services at Delhi College of Engineering are provided to student, staff & faculty member for updating their knowledge and supporting the research, and teaching learning activities. These services are provided through the central library and departmental libraries keeping in view the fast changes in technology the knowledge base of the library is updated regularly by way of adding new literature in the form of text books, reference books, reports, proceedings, abstracts & indexes, encyclopedias, data books, standards (National & International) Journals & database on CD-ROM.

Apart from adding the new literature the basic literature is also procured for the new Programmes along with current one. Some new section and services are also being started to make the library services of ISO 9001 standard.

To keep pace with ongoing technological changes it is essential that the library records are computerised and the future information is obtained in digital format for making it accessible to the faculty & students at their work places which will not only save the time but make the simultaneous access of information at the same time which is otherwise not possible in print formats. To make the library services automated the following work are being caried out:
1. Data Entry of Existing Collection/Records
2. Data Entry of New Arivals
3. Bar Coding of Existing Record/Collection
4. Bar Coding of Membership Cards and Incoming Records/Documents
5. Procurement of Hardware & Software
6. Electonic Security-surveillance System

1. Text Book Section for Teachers
2. Text Book Section for Students with Reading Room



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