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Working Hours

  For All Students
Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:30 a.m to 10:00 p.m.
Sunday 10:00 a.m to 05:00 p.m

Telephone Numbers

Direct No. to Library 91-11-27871419
91-11-27871022 -------2012
Assistant Librarian
Security Desk

Registration:- For the convenience to the Faculty Members [pdf and doc format] and Students [pdf and doc format] those who wish to take advantage, they may register their self by filling the form for the purpose. They may download the registration form and submit along with 2 photographs personally to the library for early registration.

Cancellation of Registration / No Dues Certificate:- Schedule for No Dues Certificate have been provided. Faculty Members [pdf and doc format] and Students [pdf and doc format] may download the NDC form and submit to library personally.

Reference Service:- A large number of Encyclopedias, Handbooks are available in the Library. Reference staff is also available in the reading room to suggest sources of information and to assist in locating the required material and link to VRD is also provided for online reference queries.

Newspaper and Magazine Section:- List of all 17 national newspapers and 61 magazines are available here which are being subscribed in the library.

Journals/Periodicals Section:- Journals being the primary source of information are essential to supplement the research activities and are required regularly. A number of foreign & Indian journals are being subscribed Full Text on-line to facilitate the on going research activities & to expand the areas of future research activities. The online Journals being subscribed includes ASME, ASCE, IEL (IEE/IEEE), Science Direct and JET. The users can access of e-journals from anywhere at any time because these E journals on library webpage which are protected by the User id and password and that may be collected personally from the library.

Library Catalogue (OPAC):-The library offers computerized catalogue search services through the OPAC. The bibliographic record consisting of more than 150000 books available in the Central Library. Sufficient numbers of PCs are placed in the user area for the students and faculty to access the OPAC. Our Library Catalogue can also be searched through web.

Digital Library (Digital Archving and Institutional Repository)

The full-text of Thesis and Dessiratations, DTU Publications, Principal’s Publication in any form are avaiable in Dspace.

User can have the search of any document by using the search facility available on every page. Search can be made by Author, Title, (Alphabetical order) and Date. They can jump alphabetical under any community or collection by using any keyword. Further they can use the advanced search option by using - and, or, not with the combination of Keyword, Author, Title, Subject etc. in whole Digital Library or any Community / Sub Community.

Inter-Library Loan:- The information regarding the service is placed on the website. So that members can barrow the books and periodicals which are not available in the DTU library from other libraries. The DTU library, in turn also lends its resources to the other libraries through DELNET. Users may contact to the library in this regard.

Recommend the Book:- Members may recommend any document to procure in the library, a requisition form for the purpose is available. They may submit the form online or get the perscribed form by providing document details along with their personal details. As and when he request received in the library mail / physically, after checking the holding, same will be forwarded to competent authority for financial approval. Purchase for the books processed after online approval and on paper approval processed later on in the file. This facility is also available through Koha OPAC also. Members however may recommend any document by using printed form which is available in the download link.

Book Bank:- The University runs a Book Bank intended to assist students, from the economically weaker sections of society, by giving text books on loan to deserving students for a whole academic semester according to the rules framed for the purpose. Only B.E. students are eligible for this facility.

Xerox / Printing Service:- Based on requisition, Xerox copies of the library documents are made available mainly for academic purpose. The terms and conditions along with the rates for per page Xerox and printing is are....

Effective from 1st April 2007, 

Photocopy Charges     
Print Charges
Minimum Rs.5/- 10 copies
Further Paise 50 per copy
Minimum Rs.10/- 3 copies
Further Rs.3/- per copy

Users Assistance

Services/Assistances Contacts
Suggestions for new study material Dr. R.K.Shukla
Inter-library loan Dr. R.K.Shukla
Policy Management Dr. R.K.Shukla
Book order/arrival status

Dr. Lalita

User Awareness Program

Dr. Lalita

Technical processing

Dr. Lalita

Current Additions (Book) Dr. Lalita
Electronic - material Dr. Lalita
Electronic - Journals Dr. Lalita
Shelving & display' Bar Code Mr. Saudan Singh
Membership / No-Dues & Newspaper Magazines Mrs. Rampati Nain
Issue/Return Mr. Abdul Aleem
Mrs. Neeru Vig
Reference Section Mr. Saudan Singh


If you have questions and any suggestion regarding DTU library, please contact
Dr. R.K.Shukla, Librarian
Tel: 91-11-27871022 Ext 2012
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